27 - 28 JULY 2024



29 - 30 JULY 2024


Statue of B. R. Ambedkar, Hyderabad



Prepare to witness a beacon shining on transformative initiatives reshaping the travel and tourism sector at the FTCCI ETM Conclave. With a mission to empower the travel community through entrepreneurship, the event ignites innovation, amplifies revenues, and fosters longterm sustainability. Serving as a nexus of golden opportunities, it offers an open platform for idea exchange.

The FTCCI ETM Conclave's Business Sessions, within its seminar & conference sessions, provide a unique forum for academia, tourism industry players, government representatives, and esteemed individuals to actively exchange cutting-edge research and industrial case studies.

Speakers, ranging from industry titans to government officials, airline executives, and educationalists, will enlighten attendees on various facets of the travel and tourism landscape. Join this gathering of dedicated travel professionals, as together, we embark on a journey of discovery, exploring new ventures, innovations, trends, and sustainable growth opportunities.


""Our vision for the FTCCI Experiential Tourism MICE Conclave 2024 is an innovative convergence of film, wedding, and hospitality leaders shaping the future of experiential tourism through immersive experiences, fostering connections, and driving transformative thinking. To set the stage for a transformative event that not only educates but also inspires, energizes, and creates positive change within the experiential tourism industry and global MICE industryā€¯


"Our mission for the FTCCI Experiential Tourism MICE Conclave 2024 is to revolutionize traditional conferences by creating an immersive platform that fosters meaningful connections, inspires creativity, and drives transformative thinking within the experiential tourism industry. Through a dynamic blend of insightful sessions, hands-on experiences, and cultural exchanges, we aim to leave a lasting impact on participants, energizing the industry towards positive change."