27 - 28 JULY 2024



29 - 30 JULY 2024




Anumula Revanth Reddy

Chief Minister Municipal Administration and Urban Development; General Administration, Law & Order and All Other Unallocated Portfolios Government of Telangana

Jupally Krishna Rao

Minister Prohibition & Excise; Tourism & Culture and Archaeology Government of Telangana

Shailaja Ramaiyer, IAS

Principal Secretary, Youth Advancement, Tourism and Culture Department Government Telangana


The vision of the Telangana Government Tourism Department is to transform the state into a premier tourist destination known for its rich cultural heritage, vibrant festivals, diverse landscapes, and world-class hospitality. Through strategic initiatives and partnerships, the department aims to promote sustainable tourism, empower local communities, preserve historical sites, and showcase Telangana's unique identity to the world.

By leveraging technology and innovation, the government envisions creating memorable experiences for visitors while fostering economic growth and preserving the natural environment for future generations.

The department is committed to showcasing Telangana's rich history and cultural heritage, including its architectural marvels, ancient monuments, and traditional arts and crafts.

Recognizing the importance of environmental conservation, the department emphasizes sustainable tourism practices. Efforts are directed toward minimizing the environmental impact of tourism activities, promoting responsible travel behavior, and preserving the natural beauty and biodiversity of Telangana's landscapes.